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When does the Little League season start and end?
The spring season starts at the beginning of April each year with Opening Day generally scheduled for early to mid-April when the weather is good. Depending on the division you are in, the season will run to mid-May or the end of June.

Practice facilities are available to higher division teams to start practicing before the season starting as early as January for the highest divisions.

Do I have to live within Suffern Little League boundaries to play for Suffern Little League?

Yes and NO. Suffern Little League's boundaries are best explained by the map of the boundary area.  Click here to view the boundary map.  YOU MUST RESIDE within the boundaries of the SLL boundary map  or if you go to school within our boundary (Please see boundary map)  in order to be eligible to play for this league.

Please click on video or view rule for more information on the Little League boundary rule.

How old does my son or daughter have to be to play Little League?
Little League is available for boys and girls from 5 years old to 16 years old.

Little League provides an easy to read chart that you can view to determine the baseball age of your child. To view this chart, click HERE.

Can I choose what team my child plays on?
Suffern Little League tries to accommodate parent requests for our T-Ball and T-Shirt divisions. International and above are 'draft' level divisions, and this limits what we can do to accommodate requests. SLL will try to honor coach and carpool requests, but there are no guarantees. Please be sure to click on the 'Friend Request' box when registering your child.

When will I know what team I'm playing on?
International, Minors, Majors, Juniors and Seniors division managers will contact players immediately following team drafts, usually within a day or two. Drafts are held December through February. Please refer to the Calendar section for draft dates if/when they have been determined.

All other division managers will begin contacting player soon after the division coordinators form the teams. This usually occurs in early to mid March.

When will I know about schedules for practices?
Each Manager will post their respective team's schedules on the website. Once selected for a team, you will be able to view the calendar for your child's team on his/her team page. For Tball and T-Shirt divisions practices will be scheduled during the game slot for the first 3 weeks of April and then games will be played in those slots in May and June. After the season has started, teams may or may not continue to have one practice a week. The goal of practices is to teach specific skills and game situations, so player attendance is a must!

When will I know about game schedules?
Game schedules will be posted on the website as soon as they are made available. Please view your team's website/calendar for team specific schedules.

Do I have to also buy a team uniform?
No, team uniforms are provided as part of the registration fee but differ according to division. So for T-ball children there is only a Hat and Shirt, no pants/belt. All "required" uniform clothing will be provided.

What equipment to I need?
Each player needs to supply their own glove, Little League approved Batting Helmet as well as cleats for the International and higher divisions. Boys in the Pony division and above are required to wear an athletic cup.

Can I use my own bat or helmet?
Absolutely! Bats must have a logo that shows 'approved by Little League of America' or 'USA Baseball Approved'. Umpires will not allow use of a bat if this logo is not evident. Suffern League is requiring each player buy and maintain your own helmet. Its for your safety and much easier to control hygiene. At the Majors and Juniors division levels, most players have their own bats.

Do you need Coaches, Umpires, or other volunteers?
Suffern Little League is a completely volunteer program. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help support the league in any capacity that they can. We would welcome anyone willing to volunteer their time to coach, umpire, keep score or help with a number of other duties. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the Volunteer Form or go to the Forms section for the forms and registration requirements. Please e-mail all forms to Jim Farmer at jim.farmer@perficient.com

Does Suffern Little League provide training for Managers and Coaches?
Yes, Suffern Little League pays for managers and coaches to attend a district training session in early March and a SLL specific safety session later in March for Managers and Coaches to review safety, first aid, and to participate with understanding and updating our Local League Rules. You are important to this process!

Is Little League available for girls?
Yes! Suffern Little League is for both boys and girls. Many girls participate in the T-ball and T-Shirt divisions before moving on to play softball. While girls do tend to move over to softball, girls are welcome to continue with baseball as long as they are interested. We encourage girls to sign-up and be a part of the fun!

Can I get my money back?
All T-ball and Pony Divisons can get their money back up until they get a uniform. Once your child has a uniform, you will not be be able to get a refund. All Rookie, Minor, Major and Juniors will be able to get a refund up until the draft. Once your child has been drafted, you will not be be able to get a refund.


For any other questions or comments, please send an email to or go to the Feedback page on this website.